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The educational system in Croatia consists of preschool education, elementary education, secondary education and higher education.


Preschool education in Croatia encompasses education and care for children of preschool age, realized through educational, healthcare, nourishment and social care programmes in public and private preschool institutions, for children from six months of age up to school age.


The enrolment process for public kindergartens usually starts in May when application forms for the enrolment should be submitted to the kindergarten according to the official address of the parents.


Required documents for the enrolment in public kindergartens usually are:

  • Filled and signed application form (needs to be filled in Croatian)
  • Birth certificate of the child or a confirmation of information regarding child birth or written approval of parents that the kindergarten itself can check relevant information on the child
  • Certificate of residence of the child or written consent of the parents to the kindergarten that it can - through the competent city office - check the information on residence of the child
  • Copy of the identity cards of parents
  • Evidence on facts relevant to achieve priority in the enrolment (a certificate that both parents are employed in Croatia or some other certificate)
  • Other necessary documents for the enrolment on which the kindergarten will inform the parents


Foreigners on a temporary stay in Croatia (i.e. without a permanent stay permit) shall pay full economic price for public kindergartens in the amount of 1.900,00 HRK per month. Majority of the public preschool institutions have lengthy waiting lists, therefore inquiries about placements should be made directly and as soon as possible.



Private kindergartens are more expensive than public ones but the advantage is that the parents can apply for the enrolment during whole year, not only in a specific period. The price for private kindergartens varies from 2.500,00 to 3.500,00 HRK per month.

Several private international kindergartens and playrooms (all located in Zagreb) are listed here.



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