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Health care insurance in Croatia includes basic, additional and private health care insurance. Basic health care insurance is mandatory and consists of the right to health care and the right to financial benefits, including compensation of salary during sick leave or maternity leave. Additional and private health care insurances are voluntary insurances with the beneficiary contributing a monthly insurance premium.


Generally there are two kinds of health insurance. One is travel health insurance for the purpose of short-term stay and visa issuance, and another is health insurance under the Croatian Health Insurance Fund (HZZO) for the purpose of temporary and permanent stay.

Travel health insurance (third-country nationals)

Applicants for travel visas for one or two entries have to provide a proof of health insurance - policy of appropriate and valid travel health insurance covering the entire period of their stay in Croatia. An appropriate and valid travel health insurance covers the costs that might be incurred during a foreigner’s stay in Croatia in regard to the return to his homeland due to health reasons, urgent medical assistance and/or urgent hospital treatment.


Applicants for multiple-entry visas have to provide a proof of health insurance - policy of an appropriate and valid travel health insurance covering the period of their first stay in Croatia. Furthermore, applicants for travel visas for an unlimited number of entries have to fill out a statement regarding health or travel health insurance for subsequent visits (declaration on travel medical insurance for subsequent visits). Applicants are obliged to take out travel health insurance with an insurance company in the country of their stay. If that is not possible, travel health insurance needs to be taken out in another country. Natural or legal persons from Croatia inviting the applicant can, on their behalf, take out travel health insurance with an insurance company from Croatia. The lowest sum insured must be in HRK equivalent to 30,000.00 EUR.

Health insurance with the Croatian Health Insurance Fund (third-country citizens and EEA nationals)

During their stay in Croatia, all foreigners with temporary stay and permanent stay must have health insurance. Registration to the Croatian Institute for Health Insurance should be within 8 days from approved temporary stay in Croatia.


If a foreigner is employed, his/her employer will perform the registration to a health insurance. The application process for employed foreigners in the Croatian Health Insurance Fund (as well as the Croatian Pension Insurance Institute) is the same as application procedures for employees who are Croatian citizens. If not, the foreigner needs to register personally at the Croatian Health Insurance Fund (or buy an insurance policy at a private insurance company).


If the foreign researcher is not employed at a Croatian research organisation, the procedure to register with the HZZO is the following:

  • Upon arrival, the foreigner needs to submit an application to register temporary stay at the police directorate or police station, where they will be issued a registration number (evidencijski broj) upon approval of temporary stay;
  • On the basis of this registration number the HZZO office will register the person and issue relevant confirmation, which entitles the foreigner and binds the HZZO to full health insurance coverage.


Necessary documents for the registration to the Croatian Health Insurance Fund are:

  • Original and a copy of a valid travel document (including the page with the relevant visa)
  • Original and a copy of the confirmation of residence
  • Original and a copy of the temporary stay permit (biometric stay card)
  • Confirmation on submission of the application for a temporary stay (containing registration number, evidencijski broj) and
  • Confirmation on OIB identity number.


Third-country citizens, coming from countries with which Croatia has not concluded social agreement, are obligated to pay 420,00 HRK per month (approximately 55.00 EUR) for health care payable at once and for one year prior to stay in Croatia (a total of approximately 5,000.00 HRK/650 EUR). Money order is received at the HZZO office at registration. Afterwards HZZO informs the Tax Administration of the Ministry of Finance that issues and sends monthly money orders (in Croatian uplatnica) to foreigner for the next year of insurance during his/her stay in Croatia. EEA citizens also receive money orders (uplatnica) from the Tax Administration of the Ministry of Finance in the amount of 420, 00 HRK per month for the duration of their stay only.


Upon extension of temporary stay it is necessary to inform the HZZO about it and bring the new approval of temporary stay or the biometric stay card for inspection. Family members of a researcher on a temporary stay cannot be insured on the basis of researcher’s insurance (i.e. employment). This is only possible when the researcher’s family members have a permanent stay in Croatia or are EEA citizens with temporary stay in Croatia.


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