Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak

Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has affected the lives and well-being of people around the world, as well as researchers living and working in Croatia. In order to prevent the transmission of COVID-19 disease, the Croatian Civil Protection Authority issued a Decision on necessary epidemiological measures restricting gatherings and introducing other necessary epidemiological measures and recommendations.

Considering the epidemiological situation and possible transmission of COVID-19 disease, all persons in Croatia are obliged to adhere to strict physical distancing measures, prescribed anti-epidemic measures, special recommendations, and instructions of the Croatian Institute of Public Health.

EURAXESS Centre in Zagreb offers assistance to researchers and their family members in Croatia and can be contacted via e-mail.

Below you may find more useful information about COVID-19 disease measures in Croatia.


Third-country nationals who are not family members of EU Member States nationals, nor are long-term residents, or do not have national long-term visas will be granted entry in Croatia only in cases of necessary travel.

Exceptions to the above-mentioned necessary travel are the categories prescribed on the website of the Ministry of the Interior.

Until further notice, the lodging of a visa application at the Croatian Embassies/Consulates is temporarily suspended. For more information about categories of persons to which suspension of receipt of the visa application does not apply, please visit the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs




Welcome to EURAXESS in Croatia!

Croatian EURAXESS network is part of a pan-European network which consists of almost 600 organizations in more than 40 countries that serve mobile and non-mobile researchers, and are established by the European Commission . If you are a researcher, EURAXESS members in Croatia can assist you and your family in every step of your move, starting in your home country and continuing until your settlement in Croatia. This free personalized service is here to remove red tape and make your life easier! 

Furthermore, this webpage provides useful information on life and work in Croatia, and offers additional details on your and your family's mobility. Croatian researchers who wish to continue their research in Europe or worldwide can also find information and assistance related to research and mobility, including research job vacancies, as well as different grants and fellowships.

 We hope you will enjoy your stay and research in Croatia!


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EURAXESS centres

Croatian EURAXESS Centres

The Croatian EURAXESS Centre and Local Contact Points provide free and customized assistance to all mobile researchers and their families seeking advice on issues related to their ingoing and outgoing mobility.

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