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Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak

The epidemiological situation in Croatia became more favorable resulting in much fewer coronavirus (COVID-19) cases. Thereby, the Croatian Civil Protection Authority decided to lift most measures against the coronavirus disease.

Decisions of the Croatian Civil Protection Authority that are currently in force are those that regulate:

Masks will have to be used by:

  • employees in the health care system, i.e. in healthcare institutions, organisations that perform healthcare activities, and private healthcare workers
  • patients and all persons who, for any reason, come to the premises of health care institutions and organisations that perform health care activities and the premises of private health care workers
  • employees of social welfare institutions that provide accommodation services for the elderly and people with disabilities, and visitors to beneficiaries

Wearing masks is one of the most important epidemiological measures which significantly reduces the transmission of the virus and significantly protects uninfected people from the virus. That is why the continuous use of masks, whenever there are a large number of people indoors, is the recommendation of the epidemiological profession and the Civil Protection Authority.


EURAXESS Centre in Zagreb offers assistance to researchers and their family members in Croatia and can be contacted via e-mail.

Below you may find more useful information and contacts concerning the COVID-19 disease in Croatia:



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