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There are no restrictions on foreigners to open a bank account in Croatia. However, an account can only be opened by visiting a bank in person. Banks usually offer a choice between current accounts (for salaries), giro accounts (for other income), and savings accounts.

Accounts can be opened in either Croatian kuna (HRK), foreign currency or as a multi-currency account. Normally, opening an account only requires an ID and a small deposit, although sometimes the banks might ask for proof of residency in Croatia (particularly for giro or savings accounts in HRK). Some banks automatically give a debit card and an overdraft allowance of up to 30,000.00 HRK. Others prefer applying for an overdraft once your account is set up. Charges for accounts may vary from bank to bank and account to account. For example, student accounts are generally free.

Bank hours are usually Monday - Friday, 8 am - 7 pm, while some banks open on Saturday mornings.

The following documents are needed to open a bank account:

  • Passport, ID, or identification card for foreigners issued by Croatian authorities
  • Stay permit, issued by the Croatian Ministry of Interior.
  • Confirmation on the issuance of OIB number, issued by the tax authority in Croatia.

There are usually no charges for opening a current account, but there are charges for running accounts which may vary depending on the bank. Some banks also charge a fee for closing an account.

When opening a current account in Croatia, researchers will receive a bank card by mail (it usually takes seven days) and a PIN number which will allow the account holder to withdraw cash from almost every cash machine in the country. Card also enables the holder to check the account balance and pay bills (if paying bills in branch offices of other banks or post offices, a small fee is charged). Most of the banks also offer electronic services which allow users to manage their bank affairs online.

On the website of the Croatian National Bank is possible to find the list of licensed banks in Croatia.