Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

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Croatia has a modern system of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) that is fully harmonized with the European Union norms and standards. Croatia is a member of the European Patent Organization and a signatory of all the most important international treaties in the field. The central body responsible for granting rights and coordinating the national IPR system is the State Intellectual Property Office of the Republic of Croatia (SIPO). Bodies responsible for enforcement of IPRs are: the police, the courts, the customs and the state inspectorate. Registered patent and trademark attorneys’ or firms may represent and assist an individual during the processes of registration and enforcement of rights before these governmental bodies.

The results of intellectual creativity may be protected through appropriate forms of intellectual property protection that may vary depending on the field of creative activities they originate from. IPR protection can be granted to:

  • industrial property - for protection of patents, trademarks, industrial designs, geographical indications and designations of origin and topographies of semiconductor products
  • copyright - for protection of literary works (written works, oral works, computer programs), musical works, works of drama, choreographic or pantomimic works, works of visual art (paintings, sculptures, graphics), works of applied art, photographic works, cinematographic works, translations, adaptations, arrangements and other alterations of works, collections of copyrighted work, databases or other materials, as well as performances, phonograms and broadcasts

Industrial property has to be examined and registered before the SIPO in order to be able to enjoy protection in Croatia. On the other hand, copyright protection is automatic and no official registration process is required in order to enjoy copyright protection.

More information about forms of intellectual property rights and their protection can be found on the SIPO web page where in addition to general information about IPR you can search industrial property registered in Croatia, browse lists of patent and trademark attorneys, review national IP legislation translated into English or download forms necessary for registration procedures together with various information brochures.