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Work permit


Whether you are a third-country national or EEA national you need a work permit in order to legally work in Croatia. Work permits are issued as stay permits by the competent police directorate or police station, according to a place of business or registered seat of the employer.


Third-country researchers, who already have a valid temporary stay permit and plan to extend their stay in Croatia over one year, need to apply for an extension of temporary stay at the competent police directorate or a police station. A foreign researcher needs to apply for an extension of temporary stay at least 60 days before the expiration of the current temporary stay permit. Otherwise, he/she will be fined with the amount of 500 HRK up to 5,000 HRK (approximately 70 EUR up to 650 EUR).

First, the host institution needs to prepare a new hosting agreement and notify the Ministry of Science and Education (as in the case of a first temporary stay) – if the hosting agreement has been concluded for a period of one year the first time. If not, the same hosting agreement concluded for the whole period of research is submitted for each extension.

Documents needed to extend the temporary stay permit for the purpose of research are:


The procedure for extending temporary stay granted on some other grounds is the same; you only need to present specific proof for the purpose of your stay in Croatia (work, studies, family reunification, etc.). An application to extend a temporary stay should be submitted to the police directorate or police station.

The administrative fee for extending the permit for a temporary stay is 350 HRK (approximately 50 EUR). The administrative fee for the production of a biometric stay card is 240 HRK (approximately 30 EUR) and 70 HRK (approximately 10 EUR) in duty stamps. Documents required for the issuance of a biometric stay card are: passport, one colour photograph (30 x 35 mm), and confirmation of address registration. Biometric stay card should be issued within approximately three weeks from the submission of all required documents and needs to be returned to the police directorate before the final departure from Croatia. When applying for the production of a new biometrical stay card, the old one should be returned to the police directorate or police station.





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