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The Croatian tax system is very much compatible with those of EU Member States, and is based around a set of direct and indirect taxes. It includes national taxes (value added tax; corporate income tax – profit tax; special taxes and excise duties, etc.), county taxes (inheritance and gift tax, tax on road motor vehicles, tax on vessels and tax on coin operated machines for games for amusement), city or municipal taxes and joint taxes (income tax, real estate transfer tax).


Croatia implemented changes to its VAT legislation on 1 July 2013 in order to align further with EU VAT regulations. Croatian VAT law is within the competence of the Croatian Tax Administration (Porezna uprava) under the Ministry of Finance.


VAT rates in Croatia:

  • 25% - standard rate
  • 13% - reduced rate for accommodation services, daily and periodic newspapers and magazines printed on paper
  • 5% - reduced rate for a range of goods, such as books of professional, scientific, artistic, cultural and educational content and scientific journals

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