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Research in Croatia

R&D in Croatia

The integration of the Croatian research community in the European Research Area (ERA), fulfilment of the Lisbon goals, as well as the goals of the Europe 2020 strategy onto the Croatian science&technology policy agenda are highly prioritized within the Croatian research community and science policy. The Croatian research and innovation system has evolved over the last decade into a complex system of various institutions and measures directed to build innovation-driven growth.

Research in Croatia is performed in public and private research organizations but the public R&D sector, with universities playing a leading role, dominates in both research manpower and research activities. There are 7 public universities (67 faculties and art academies and 1 university centre at public universities), 25 public research institutes, 11 public polytechnics, 3 public colleagues, 3 private universities, 3 private polytechnics, 20 private colleagues, 4 technology transfer offices at universities, 3 science - technology parks and 11 research centres in industry and each of them plays an important role in development of R&D sector in Croatia.

List of R&D organisations in Croatia can be found here.





Charter&Code in Croatia

Charter&Code in Croatia

Charter&Code in Croatia

Croatia belongs to those EU Member States that have made a great effort in implementation of Charter&Code principles. For now 38 Croatian research organization have signed a Declaration of endorsement of Charter & Code and 16 research organization have received a “HR Excellence in Research” (HRS4R) logo, awarded to research institutions and funding organizations that have been acknowledged by the European Commission for having made significant progress in implementing the Charter & Code.