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Recognition of qualifications


The recognition of foreign higher education qualifications is carried out for the purposes of employment (professional recognition) or continuation of education (academic recognition) in Croatia. Croatian ENIC/NARIC Office, within the Agency for Science and Higher Education, conducts the professional recognition procedure. The academic recognition procedure is conducted by the Office for Academic Recognition of Foreign Higher Education Qualifications within Croatian universities.


Students (both Croatian and international), returning after a period of study abroad and wishing to continue their education in Croatia, need to initiate Academic recognition of higher education qualification. This rule also applies to prospective students who wish to apply for postgraduate study programmes and have a foreign higher education qualification or degree. They will need to undergo the process of academic recognition for the purpose of continuation of education in Croatia. All higher education institutions that accept international students usually have an Academic Recognition Office, which should be contacted by prospective students well before applying, in order to obtain relevant information on which education qualifications need to be recognised, so that they are able to apply for the study programme in question.


Students who apply for exchange programmes usually do not need to have their previous education qualifications recognised. Agreements between higher education partner institutions and the application procedures for an exchange programme normally prescribe the precise admission requirements for exchange students.


The fee for the issuance of the recognition of higher education qualifications is 400 HRK (approximately 55 EUR). The processing fee for the recognition of periods of study is 200 HRK (approximately 25 EUR).


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