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Visa is an approval to enter Croatia for a stay of up to 3 months (in any 6-month-period from the day of first entrance to the country) or for transit through the territory of Croatia. Visas are issued by diplomatic missions or consular posts of Croatia. A visa cannot be used as a work permit.

Foreigners who are subject to the visa requirement are obliged to apply for a visa prior to their entry into Croatia at a Croatian diplomatic mission/consular post. If there is no Croatian diplomatic mission or consular post in the applicant’s country, visa application may be submitted at the nearest Croatian diplomatic mission/consular post.

As a general rule, a foreigner must lodge a visa application personally. Exceptionally, a foreigner does not need to lodge the application personally, but needs to present him/herself in person when called upon by the diplomatic mission/consular post. A visa application may be lodged no sooner than three months before the date of the intended entry into Croatia.




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