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Nationals of EEA countries only need to register their stay if they plan to stay in Croatia for more than 3 months.

Upon the approval of temporary stay foreigners will get a PIN number or a personal identification number (osobni identifikacijski broj - OIB), needed for all dealings with any kind of officialdom, such as paying taxes and household bills, opening and accessing a bank account, or registering a vehicle. No special application is necessary. If a foreigner already received the OIB number from the Tax Department of the Ministry of Finance, it is advisable to submit a copy of the OIB confirmation while submitting the temporary stay application (to avoid duplications).

For more information on OIB please visit Croatian personal identification number (PIN) section.


Reasons for termination of temporary stay of an EEA national and non-EEA national differ:

a) EEA national

Temporary stay of an EEA national shall terminate if:

  • He/She is prohibited to entry and to reside in Croatia.
  • He/She obtained temporary stay by having provided false information or having concealed the true information and circumstances which were decisive for the registration of temporary stay.
  • He/She no longer meets the conditions for a temporary stay.
  • He/She cancels his/her stay in Croatia.

EEA Member State national and members of his/her family will not have their temporary stay terminated if they do not have sufficient means of subsistence during their stay in Croatia, or if the national of an EEA Member State is a worker or self-employes, if he continues to actively look for work and is reasonably assumed to find the employment.

b) Non-EEA national

Temporary stay of the family member who is not an EEA national shall cease if:

  • His/Her entry and stay have been prohibited
  • He/She no longer meets conditions for temporary stay
  • He/She does not report his residence to the police administration/station within 30 days after the approval of the temporary residence
  • He/She has emigrated from Croatia or has been staying abroad continuously for more than 30 days
  • He/She resides in Croatia contrary to the purpose of the temporary residence permit

As an exception, a third-country national who is absent from Croatia for up to 90 days for justified reasons will not terminate his/her temporary stay if he/she notifies the competent police directorate or police station of his/her departure. Notice of departure may also be submitted by the employer on behalf of the foreigner, and it is a document in which the third-country national states the time of departure from Croatia, the reason for departure from Croatia, and the planned date of return to Croatia. If extraordinary circumstances arise after leaving Croatia, a foreigner is obliged to inform the diplomatic mission or consular office of Croatia within 30 days of the occurrence of these circumstances. The reason for termination of temporary residence referred above shall not apply to researchers and students if they reside in another EEA Member State on the basis of short-term or long-term mobility.


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