Third-country Nationals

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There are different types of stay permits for third–country nationals, depending on the length and the purpose of their stay in Croatia. If they plan to stay up to 90 days in Croatia, they are obliged to report their accommodation, but if they plan to stay longer than 90 days they are obliged only to register their address and to apply for the approval of a temporary stay at the competent police directorate or a police station.

Upon the approval of temporary stay foreigners will also get a PIN number or personal identification number (Osobni identifikacijski broj, OIB), needed for all dealings with any kind of officialdom, such as paying taxes and household bills, opening and accessing a bank account, or registering a vehicle. No special application is necessary and if a foreigner already received the OIB number from the Tax Department of the Ministry of Finance. It is advisable to submit a copy of the OIB confirmation while submitting the temporary stay application (to avoid duplications). For more information on OIB please visit the Croatian personal identification number (PIN) section.


Permanent stay of a third-country citizen shall cease:

  • If his/her entry and stay have been prohibited in Croatia or he has been issued a warning in SIS for the purpose of the entry ban
  • If he/she requests such termination
  • If he/she has emigrated from Croatia or resided abroad for more than a year
  • If this is required for reasons of protection or public order, national security or public health



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