Call for virtual training for the development of a Gender Equality Plan

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On December 8th, 2021, the European Commission is organizing a virtual training dedicated to the Gender Equality Plan (GEP), intended for interested applicants and beneficiaries of the Horizon Europe program from the Republic of Croatia.

Participation in the training, although limited to one representative of the institution, is free. and you can register until November 17th, 2021 via the link. We are inviting interested applicants and users to join this virtual training during which detailed explanations of the purpose, goal, and how to develop plans for gender equality will be provided.

Gender equality is one of the fundamental values ​​of the European Union and the European Commission is making great efforts to promote it. In the Horizon Europe programme, gender equality is strengthened by the obligation of the institutions to adopt the Gender Equality Plan before signing the grant agreement of the Program. The aim of this measure is to improve the European system of research and innovation and to create a working environment that respects the equality between men and women.

The Gender Equality Plan is becoming a criterion for the eligibility of a project proposal for legal entities from the Member States and associated countries, i.e. public bodies, scientific organizations, and higher education institutions (including the private sector).

So far, three institutions from the Republic of Croatia have developed their institutional plans:

• University of Rijeka: Gender Equality Plan 2021 - 2025.

• Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, University of Zagreb: Gender Equality Plan 2021 - 2025.

• Institute of Anthropology: Gender Equality Plan 2021-2020.

Additional information on the Gender Equality Plan and European Gender Equality Policies in Research and Innovation are available at the following links:

• European Commission: Gender equality in research and innovation

Horizon Europe - Program Guide

Horizon Europe guidance on gender equality plans

Webinar: Gender Equality Plans in Horizon Europe

In case of need for additional information, National Contact Persons for Legal and Financial Aspects, as well as National Contact Persons for the Horizon Europe programme area of ​​your interest, are available.

We are looking forward to your attendance!