Croatian PhD in technical sciences won a three-year MSCA Individual fellowship under the Horizon 2020 programme for 2018!

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PhD David Blažević, who has doctorate in technical sciences on transforming mechanical vibration of machines into electrical energy, won a prestigious MSCA Individual fellowship for the project ENTRAP - Energy Harvesting in Precision Agriculture Applications at the Tampere University of Technology in Finland.

The project refers to effective resource management within Third Green Revolution and the idea is to remove consumable batteries from concept of “precise agriculture”, that is also called “smart” and “digital” agriculture. Therefore, the aim of this project is to convert kinetic energy of cows, sheeps and goats to electric energy that will be used on devices which keep track of their health, life, dwelling and pastures quality and states of stress.

About 30 experiments need to be done through the project to have data about amplitudes and frequencies of vibration of certain behaviour, in so-called energy harvesting process. Accept of the Tampere University of Technology, these experiments will be conducted on experimental farm of Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry in Helsinki, Faculty of Agriculture in Zagreb, Croatian goat farm and at Norwegian company No Fence – one of two companies that make devices for virtual fencing. Also, Sweden company ReVibea that make devices for transforming mechanical vibrations will also participate in this project. Mentor for the implementation of the ENTRAP project is professor Paavo Rasilo from Tampere University of Technology in Finland.