Invitation to PCP webinar - HSMonitor

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HSMonitor is a pre-commercial procurement (PCP) project looking for innovative monitoring solutions to improve health status and optimise hypertension care.

Five healthcare providers from four countries (Turkey, Italy, Croatia and Sweden) are engaged in the procurement, catering to a combined population of 31 million that already has hypertension. The envisaged solutions should cover areas such as early detection and prevention, healthier lifestyle and nutrition, treatment adherence, training and education

The five HSMonitor procurers are offering webinars during April-May to inform stakeholders about this opportunity. The Croatian webinar will be held on 29th April and on this link is possible to register, as also to have a look at all available dates for webinars.

For those who cannot participate in the webinars but would like to have their say, it is possible to complete the OMC questionnaire which will be used to capture the feedback of the market regarding the scope of HSMonitor. For suppliers aiming to apply to the HSMonitor tender in Consortia, the questionnaire will also serve to find partners.

For more information please visit the website of the project or the Twitter page.