Jobs in research study: an EU survey among employers of researchers

A survey on jobs in research is part of a larger project on knowledge ecosystems, which aims at improving working conditions for researchers and to identify emerging skill needs.

As an organisation that is employing researchers, feel free to take a part in the survey. Your answers will help shape EU and national-level policies to improve careers in research, both in the academic and private sectors, contributing to the conditions for researchers and attractiveness of research careers in Europe.

The open survey link is as follows: https://eu-employers.wifo.ac.at

Please complete the survey by 17th  June 2021. 

Participation in this survey is voluntary. Your information will be treated strictly confidential. The results of the survey will only be published in aggregated form without reference to individual participants.

This project is funded by the European Commission, DG Research and Innovation, and is carried out by WIFO (Austrian Institute of Economic Research) in cooperation with CWTS Leiden and Technopolis Group.