OPEN CALL FOR EXPERTS - Become an external expert for EU programmes

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Fundación para el Conocimiento madri+d aims to set up an external pool of experts to support the review process of the proposals received from EU programmes (pre-doctoral and postdoctoral) in any scientific field and discipline.
At present, madri+d is looking for experts in Nanomaterials, i.e. magnetism, metal printing, rare-earth free magnets, electrochemistry, magnetic nanoparticles, chemical physics, electron transfer, x-ray free electron lasers, xfel, DFT modelling, 2D materials, surfaces, scanning tunneling microscopy, condensed matter physics, magnetic nanoparticles, nanomedicine, magnetic hyperthermia, semiconductors, electromechanical systems, quantum devices, metallic polymers, conjugated polymers, on surfaces, organic electronics, photoluminescence, organic materials, solar cells, light harvesting, synthetic chemistry, metal organic frameworks, sensors, nanofabrication, metallodrugs, Bioinorganic chemistry, fluorescence microscopy, Biophysics, spintronics, molecular electronics, STM, semiconductors, quantum transport, organic electronics, nanofabrication, nanodevices, MOFs, molecular materials, spin crossover molecules, magnetic molecules, nanofabrication, nanomaterials, biomolecules, nanomedicine, cell culture, graphene, theoretical modelling, condensed matter physics, as well as: Cancer Research, ICTs (AI, architectures, software development), Mechanical Engineering (electrification, electric power demand, digitalization; industrial facilities), Civil Engineering (transport solutions), Chemical Engineering (materials), Agronomic Engineering (biosystems, natural resources, sustainability, urban borders, ecosystems) and Sustainable Development Goals (impact, metrics, sustainable transformation).
Experts should demonstrate experience and possess a proven track record in their expertise.
The selection of the experts to support madri+d in the evaluation of the open calls will be taken at a later stage, since it depends on the number of received proposals, their programmes, their origin, the domain that they target as well as the origin of the potential evaluators, their affiliations, their expertise and the balance between various criteria (e.g. gender, background, affiliation type, age, expertise etc.). Furthermore, there is an obligation to frequently change experts that support  the evaluations of proposals.
If you are interested, please fill out the form.